realAGENT is an Agency Banking/Mobile Money Agents Network Management (ANM) service product of SEMBIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

How Can You Join Us

Prospects pay a non-refundable N15,050 (Fifteen Thousand And Fifty Naira only) as realAGENT Membership Registration / Administrative Fee, which qualifies such a person to become a member and is qualified to enjoy all the benefits underlying the realAGENT membership.

This fee also gives the agent access to a maximum of 2 Terminals. Subsequent Terminal requests attracts a N5,000 Administrative Fee per Terminal. This Fee is exclusive of the Platform provider’s Terminal release registration or administrative fee (depending on the nomenclature).

We currently partner with top notch industry leader platform operators in Mobile Money and Agency Banking industry and they make available business tools like POS terminals, mPOS or PINPAD, mobile apps and or web apps with other materials which we distribute to our agents for the agent’s successful Agency Banking/Mobile Money business.


Before You Join:

Kindly note, the N15,050 (Fifteen Thousand And Fifty Naira Only) realAGENT membership/administrative fee is a non-refundable fee. It is therefore also not a payment for Terminal disbursement. We don’t sell Terminals or collect money for Terminal rentals. It is at the prerogative of the Super Agent/platform provider to determine the price for their Terminal registration and rental on their various platforms.

Three Step Process

To Become A realAGENT Member

Click the “Register” button above to fill and submit your realAGENT registration/application form.

Click the “Payment” button above to pay to join realAGENT platform.

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After Registration and Payment, we will send you realAGENT membership confirmation.