Our Terms and Conditions

Welcome to SEMBIC International Limited, an Agency Banking / Mobile Money Agents Network Management (ANM) Company.

SEMBIC is in partnership with many Banks, CBN licensed Super Agents and Mobile Money Operators to drive financial inclusion through agency banking/mobile money.

SEMBIC onboard agents through her realAGENT innovative product.

We are currently partner with many CBN licensed Super Agents like Accelerex Network, Freedom Network, Payvice, PockeMonie, Quickteller Paypoint etc and we distribute their POS terminals FREE to our agents (realAGENT).

We are adding daily to the list of our partner Super Agents and Banks.

POS Terminals are FREE and remains the property of the Super Agents and Banks, they are just on FREE lease to you (our dear realAGENT members).

Therefore, to access FREE POS terminal through us, enjoy Agency Banking Loan to run your business, world class training, etc, you must be a member of realAGENT.

realAGENT offers a lot of great opportunities like FREE pos Terminal, agency banking business loan, start up supports, world class agency banking business training, innovative products sales to improve on your bottom lines and many other great benefits.

Please note, some of the Super Agents /Mobile Money Operators and Banks require REGISTRATION FEE, while others are totally free, which depends on the operstor and Banks.

The registration fee being charged by the operator is in no way meaning that the POS Terminals are sold, no. POS terminals are given for FREE because they are property of the bank/super agents/mobile money operator.

To access all the benefits of realAGENT, you must be a paid member, only paid members are real members of realAGENT.